Recipient Eval Overview

Medical Selection Criteria

BMI Guidelines

Direct Anticoagulant Policy

Cardiac Eval

Express Eval Process

Recip Pre-op Testing and Cardiac Eval

Kidney Eval Cardiac Testing Algorithm

Latent TB testing and management

HCV positive Kidney and/or Pancreas for HCV negative recipients Procedure

Pre-transplant COVID Vax

Pre-op Lab Draws

Labs - HCV+ Patients

Labs - Pts w/ Prolonged PTT

Recipient Preop Lab Draws

Special Groups

Liver/Kidney Evaluation

Pancreas or Kidney/Panc Eval

Recipients with HepB Immunity

HepC+ Recipient Eval

History of Urologic Malignancy

COVID-19 Recovered Candidates

Consent for Hep B+ donors

Fast Track Admission

Waitlist Mgmt / Coding / HLA Review

Waitlist Management Protocol

Waitlist Communication Protocol

Note Coding Requirements

Recipient HLA Review Requirements

Waitlist Workflow Procedure